Pourquoi Cuivre Pour La Sante?

Much has been written about the importance of copper in our diet for our well-being. We know, for example, that a copper deficiency can lead to symptoms such as anemia, bone fragility, high cholesterol levels and osteoporosis.

We are also aware of the use of copper bracelets over the centuries, from the Egyptian era, to increase the amount of copper in our body and the belief that bracelets made from copper can help relieve the symptoms of rheumatism, arthritis and diabetes.

Masque du cuivre
Masque luxe du cuivre
Chaussettes du cuivre

Less well known, but what everyone is talking about now is the use of copper fabric that can then be made in everyday clothes. Copper is woven into the yarns of the material, usually cotton and bamboo (also known for their health benefits), and then used to make various clothes such as socks, pajamas, underwear, gloves and even sheets and pillowcases.

We have been selling natural products since 2003 and copper clothing is now 1 of our main sales lines. On this site you will find articles, search results, customer experiences and detailed descriptions of our copper clothing.

We are distributors of copper clothing from our UK wholesaler ‘copper clothing Ltd’.

This site does not suggest that our products are a cure for ailments and suggest that the products are an alternative to the recommendations of the doctors. As many of us are now seeking natural health remedies our copper clothing is a natural and healthy consideration to help relieve pain and recovering help.

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