Copper Face Mask


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  • Helps regenerate new collagen, increasing the firmness of your skin
  • Increases the hydration of the skin
  • Makes skin look younger, anti-aging properties



  • Perfect for use while traveling.
  • Infused fabric with copper for anti-aging treatment.
  • Ideal for getting a perfect night’s sleep
  • It contains 50% polyester fibers / 50% copper fibres
  • 100% of the surface of the copper fiber touches your skin
  • Comfortable, flexible and breathable and will work night after night
  • Economical – you will probably find that you do not want to be buying pot after pot week after week of expensive beauty creams.
  • A copper eye mask could be an alternative to costly and moisturizing facial creams that contain copper peptides (proteins containing copper ions), but achieves the same if not better results.


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Weight .250 kg

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