Copper Ankle Support



  1. Injuries caused by excessive exercise.
  2. General fatigue of joints and muscles
  3. Protection during sports training

Large / Very Extra 25.5 cm – 34.5 cm



This ankle supporti garment includes thermal copper insulation which has an important role in the healing process.

It contains 5% pure copper (free nickel) which is woven in a special blend of fabrics to give and maintain heat to relieve aches and pains caused by arthitis and rhumatism.

The thermal copper insulation is conductive to the natural body heat and as the body heats the copper, it alternately keeps the heat generated and stores it in the tissue, promoting a faster recovery.

Copper wire is sewn into the fabric to ensure that the copper is still in contact with the skin.
Double stitching is used to give the fabric extra strength, especially around areas that are stretched.
The heel is cut in such a way that the support does not pinch the skin and gives a perfect and comfortable fit.
The support extends to the leg to give a better fit and comfort on the ankle
The copper wire runs all the help and not just to the foot area.
Available in 2 sizes:

Small / Medium 15 cm – 25.5 cm

Large / Very Extra 25.5 cm – 34.5 cm

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