Single Bedsheet & Pillowcase


Cotton sheet 72%, 28% infused Copper  for a single bed.

Pack contains 1 Bed sheet with 1 pillowcase (rectangular).

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Make sleep the best time of your day with some of our beautiful bed linen.

The copper fabric retains its health benefits. The sheet remains fresh, it is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

Super soft and luxurious
Comfortable, warm and breathable
Resistant odour – Feel fresh longer with deowear technology ®
No need to wash them like other bedding

Contains 28% copper fiber infused / 72% cotton

Size: – 180 cm x 260 cm


A lavishly designed satin, luxury damask style mocha bedding. Luxurious, super soft, with the unique advantage of copper impregnated fibres.

Copper is actually a legitimate skin care ingredient. It has been suggested that copper does 3 things:

  1. Helps regenerate new collagen, increasing the firmness of the skin
  2. Increases hydration of the skin, making the skin look younger
  3. Improves blood vessel from the micro circulation of the skin

Also the copper fibers have conductive and antistatic properties


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