Copper Socks With Toes


Tired of embarrassing smelly feet?

The unique sock with copper fiber throughout the sock that touches your entire foot and toes!

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Smell resistant with freshness action, anti odor, wicks away moisture

  • Promotes blood circulation to individual alignment (angiogenesis)
  • No need to wash them as often as other socks
  • Unisex – Suitable for men or women
  • Comfortable: seamless and thanks to the elastane, the socks perfectly fit the shape of the foot
  • Relaxing action
  • Leaves skin healthier
  • Leaves your feet feeling warm in winter and cool in summer




Medium: 38 – 42

Large: 43 – 45


Contains 30% cotton / 70% cotton fiber combed through the full sock. Currently, the only sock with copper fiber on the entire sock, not just in the one.  Incredible Socks!

Why with Toes? The skillfully designed infused copper socks that ensure each toe fits into a sock like a glove. Each toe is completely covered by the sock to the maximum benefit of all the skin which touches the copper sock. So, effective especially with the skin between the toes, which are not covered by a conventional sock. Seamlessly reduce friction, pressure and cross infection. Comfortable border, without pressure on the ankles.

Diabetics: Suitable for diabetics and people suffering from Raynaud’s disease. So, people with diabetes will benefit greatly from the socks as they help promote would healing. Also the socks are are highly recommended for those with blisters or foot injuries.

Athlete’s foot: In the treatment of athlete’s foot, fungi usually disappear after 20 days of wearing socks daily.

These socks are very comfortable to wear and after you get used to them and enjoy the benefits that they give your feet, you wear nothing else!

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