Copper Infused Pants For Women


  • Prevents vaginal thrush
  • Prevention of annoying itching
  • Anti bacterial
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Copper infused Pants for women have been designed with health and hygiene in mind and benefit from a specially designed area of ​​deowear ® that has been laboratory tested to EN ISO 20743 standards.

The copper pants prevent the growth of a yeast like fungus called Candida albicans, commonly known as vaginal thrush.

These copper infused  pants are comfortable, super soft  that stay fresh, kill smells, are antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Lightweight copper infusedpants that are functional and stylish which you can wear with confidence !! The ladies pants are extremely comfortable, super soft and elegant.

  • Microbial and anti bacterial Anti – zone deowear ®. The copper material kills only the bad bacteria – the good bacteria are not affected
  • Resistant odor – stayed fresh longer
  • The Material is Super soft and very comfortable
  • The Pants are Llght, functional and elegant
  • The Pants prevent annoying itching
  • The wicking fabric allows quick drying from sweat and prevents overheating
  • The Pants are made from bamboo fabric containing 40% copper infused tissue and spandex.
  • The Underwear can prevent and attacks vaginal thrush
  • The fabric is made from bamboo and copper infused cotton.
  • Suitable for vegans

Bamboo, which is the fast growing plant and does not require pesticides, is presented as an ecological material. Laboratory results show that bamboo fabrics are more than 9 times more effective at killing bacteria than fabrics treated with chemicals, even after 50 commercial washes.


Small: 34 – 36
Medium: 38 – 40
Large: 42 – 44

Additional information

Weight .060 kg

Petite: 34-36, Moyenne: 38-40, Grande: 42-44