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Are You Safe From Coronavirus While Using Public Transport?

The Coronavirus doesn’t respect any boundaries and has a high infection rate. In the wake of the spread of the virus, hygiene in the public transports has come under scrutiny.

The transport hubs were always known to be infection hotspots. Viruses are spread largely via droplets that settle on shared surfaces. People, when they touch these contaminated surfaces contract the virus from their hands to their face and then into their system.

Planes, trains, and buses are perfect environments for viruses like Coronavirus to thrive and spread its diseases.

Pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and viruses are lurking in secrecy in the transport hubs. Some evidence:

Tubes and Trains

A research study published in BMC Infectious Diseases found that people using public transport in densely populated cities during flu outbreaks were up to six times more likely to catch an acute respiratory infection. Those most susceptible were people who commute for long hours or use busy interchange stations. This is mainly because these people come into contact with more shared surfaces than other people.

It was also found that boroughs with fewer tube stations tend to have higher infection rates, as these stops are more crowded than others.











In 1918, the Spanish Flu pandemic infection spread across borders through ships and ports. Today, airports are responsible for turning a local epidemic into a global pandemic.
Surprisingly, the highest risk areas in airports are security checks. The University of Nottingham and the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare published a study that found almost 50% of the plastic luggage trays at security checks were hotbeds for germs that can cause at least one respiratory disease such as influenza or a common cold.

These trays were found to have more germs than the airport toilets. This shouldn’t be surprising because these trays are shared by people, thousands of times over and they are seldom washed. Over time, they collect detritus from people’s belongings and pockets and are host to some of the deadliest microorganisms.


  1. A study published in BMC Infectious Diseases journal found the following airport areas to present a higher risk of catching a viral infection:
    • armrests of seats in the waiting area
    • chip and pin paying machines at airport pharmacies
    • handrails on escalators
  2. Buses and Trams

    In 2011, BMC Infectious Diseases conducted a study that revealed that people using buses and trams for their daily commute are exposed to almost six-fold increased risk of developing an influenza-like infection during flu season. Another study in Houston conducted in the same year found that commuters who spend more than an hour a day on the bus are eight times more likely to contract TB.


With Coronavirus threatening to run riot in the world, here’s how you can keep yourself safe from the scourge while travelling in public transport.

  • Coronavirus is large in size with a cell diameter of 400-500 micro. Any mask can prevent its entry into your system. So, wear masks while travelling.
  • The virus does not remain suspended in the air for long. It eventually settles down on the ground. When it falls on a metal surface such as a doorknob or handrails, it can survive for 12 hours. A simple routine of washing your hands with soap and water as soon as you reach your destination after exiting from public transport can kill the virus.
  • When Coronavirus falls on the fabric like fabric seats, clothes, etc. it remains alive for 9 hours. Being exposed to the sun for two hours or washing your clothes after your travel can kill the virus.
  • The Coronavirus lives on the hands for 10 minutes. While travelling and also otherwise, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Don’t even bite your nails. A good hand rub of an alcohol sterilizer can kill the virus. Make sure to keep a hand sanitizer in the pocket when travelling. A hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of 75%+ is more effective in killing the virus. Wearing hand gloves can also help in preventing the virus from entering your system. Copper-infused gloves can give you better protection from the virus.
  • The virus thrives in cold regions but is killed when exposed to a temperature of 26-27 ° C. So, drink hot water and be exposed to the sun whenever possible. Avoid eating ice cream and eating raw or uncooked food.
  • Avoid sitting next to a passenger who shows signs of cold, such as coughing and sneezing.
  • As a habit, check your seat before you sit down. Avoid sitting in a seat that is visibly soiled. Ask the attendant to assign another seat to you.

How Can Copper Gloves Protect You From Coronavirus

When you hold the doorknob or the subway pole with hand gloves on, the germs prevalent on the surfaces are transferred to your gloves instead of your skin. This provides temporary insulation from the live virus, bacteria or fungi. But when you touch the outside of your glove with your fingers or mouth, these organisms can travel into your system. You can prevent this from happening if you substitute your regular hand gloves with copper-infused gloves.

Copper Clothing had conducted a test that showed copper has the ability to destroy 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses within minutes upon contact. How?

  • Upon contact, copper ions rupture and penetrate the cell wall.
  • Once inside the cell, the copper ions attack the microbe’s DNA, inactivating it and then eventually killing it.

Get your copper gloves now and prevent further spread of the virus!

Please Note: the 2014 test carried out by Copper Clothing using an Internationally recognised virology lab in Germany, was against Coronavirus (a family of viruses), it has not yet been tested specifically against the COVID-19 strain of the Coronavirus family.

Why Copper Gloves?

  • Are your gloves making you sick? Door handles are one of the most common harbourers for harmful germs and bacteria causing infections to spread such as E.coli, Staphylococcus, plus fungal and viral infections.
  • Do you suffer from Raynaud’s disease? Raynaud’s affects 10 million people in the UK, causing the muscles in your small blood vessel walls to contract as a result of changes in temperature, stopping blood flow, leading to pain and numbness in your fingers and toes.
  • Do you suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis? Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease that causes the joint lining (synovium) to swell, resulting in pain and stiffness in the joint, often starting in the small joints of the hands and feet.
  • How often do you wash your gloves? Whether you wear your gloves to exercise or to keep you warm when outdoors, a build up of perspiration from your hands over time lead to foul odours unless washed regularly.
  1. Completely Durable
    The copper ions are bonded on a molecular level meaning that they are permanent and will last the lifetime of the product
  2. Softer Healthier Hands
    The combination of copper and compression will help regulate blood flow and reduce joint inflammation whilst rejuvenating skin through the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Perfect for Raynaud’s Disease sufferers.
  3. 100% Pure Natural Copper
    A completely safe, chemical free, environmentally friendly, non-drug and non-invasive solution to supporting healthy living.
  4. Smart Technology
    The copper ions are anti-static and work with touch screen devices from phones to tablets.
  5. Fresher For Longer
    A warm, soft, breathable, compression material ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day and night.
  6. Anti-Microbial
    Our tests show that Copper destroys 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses within minutes of contact, preventing the risk of infections. Perfect for opening doors.

” Vieillissement mains? Arthrite ? Peau sèche? Comment ces gants avec cuivre peuvent vous aider “

Ces gants de compression légers de la dernière technologie de tissu infuse de cuivre utilisé par des gens de la NASA et certains des plus grands armées du monde. Léger, confortable et ultra flexible permettant dextérité complet.

Il est un fait médical que le cuivre a de nombreux rôles importants à jouer dans le maintien d’un corps sain. Il a été largement rapporté que le cuivre fonctionne aussi comme un remède homéopathique pour l’arthrite et l’inflammation. Tissus de cuivre infusé sont connus pour avoir des propriétés de régulation thermique qui va doucement réchauffer les mains, les poignets et les doigts pour augmenter la circulation sanguine qui soulage les symptômes arthritiques tels que l’inflammation des articulations.

Comme les années passent la peau sur les mains s’amincit provoquant veines deviennent plus importants et les taches de foie commencent à apparaître, c’est pourquoi il est souvent dit que les mains sont le témoin signe de l’âge d’une personne. Il a été démontré dans des études que le cuivre infusé tissu atténue les ridules, les rides, les taches de vieillesse, tout en favorisant la circulation sanguine, le collagène et l’élastine.

• Les Gants ont été montrés pour éliminer les problèmes de peau et la peau sèche ou irritée
Réhydrate et rajeunit la peau, y compris la promotion de la croissance de collagène et d’élastine
• Tissus contenant des fibres de cuivre maintenir la chaleur du corps qui peut aider ceux qui souffrent de conditions arthritiques