How can copper products help create a hygienic hotel environment?

When people stay in a hotel, they want to experience luxury and comfort, without worrying about germs causing infections. A clean and hygienic establishment should be a top priority for hoteliers, especially in common hot spots that tend to have the highest concentrations of bacteria, viruses and fungi.


The main areas of concern include:

  • Kitchens – The surfaces used for food preparation tend to be the most heavily contaminated in homes and hotels. Without special attention to cleaning and disinfection, pathogenic bacterial strains such as Salmonella, E. Coli and Campylobacter can easily spread to food and cause serious illness.
  • Bathrooms – Most people think that toilets are at the top of the list of places that can promote bacterial growth, but they can be less dangerous than counters and faucets. This may be due to cross-contamination of the cleaning equipment, or simply because most people think they are safe just because they look clean!
  • Bedding – Although hotels usually pay attention not to change sheets and pillowcases, comforters or duvets can not be changed for weeks. To reduce the risk of contamination, many hoteliers are investing in self-sterilizing and antibacterial bed sheets and copper bed sheets.
  • Towels – In addition to being in direct contact with the skin, towels also tend to stay wet and warm for some time after use, making them the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. According to this article, hotel towels may cause stomach or respiratory tract infections, as well as viral STDs!
  • Floors – The floors of hotel rooms, especially if they are carpeted, collect all kinds of unpleasant contaminants. Even with regular aspiration, they are invaded by bacteria that can cause food poisoning, skin infections and more. These can easily be passed on to customers by bare feet, clothes and even luggage.



Bacterial contamination in hotels can be a nightmare and it is essential that guests and hoteliers know how to protect them.



How copper products can provide a solution?

Copper has potent antimicrobial properties, making it an effective natural way to fight bacteria, viruses and fungi in hotels. It kills these germs on contact and has even proven that it eliminates resistant bacterial strains such as MRSA.

Here’s how copper-infused products can help you fight microbial contami nation in hotels:

  • As a guest, bring your own copper bed sheets during your trip and use them instead of the sheets provided by the hotel. You can also use them as a protective layer between bedspreads and your skin.
  • You should also wear copper clothing when travelling, especially copper-infused socks that protect your feet from contaminated soil.
  • As a hotel, replace your usual bedding and accessories with copper infused products. In addition to protecting your guests against diseases and infections, they will also help you reduce cross-contamination in rooms.
  • Consider providing staff with copper clothing and using copper or copper alloy surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens in your hotel.
  • In addition to fighting germs, copper-infused products are also self-sterilizing and anti-odour.


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