Fabric Of The Future?

Copper fiber combines the best organic combed cotton with other pure and natural fibers, creating an intimate blend that gives an incredibly soft, durable and healthy fabric offers both fashion and therapeutic properties for the wearer, at moderate prices. This high-tech performance is suitable for spinning and woven applications, including clothing, intimate clothing, socks, home textiles, bed and bath.

Copper is antimicrobial with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Its sterilization and deodorization abilities prevent the growth of various bacteria, fungi and microbes. Copper also has anti-inflammatory properties. Copper fibers are temperature controlled. Copper-containing fabrics hold the heat of the body, emanating from the inside and redirecting that heat towards the body, while the porosity of the textile allows the circulation of air so that the body can still “breathe”. Copper fibers have conductive and antistatic properties. This makes it perfect for bedsheets.


Copper fibers are considered as anti-stress fibers that can help shield against the electromagnetic waves that deplete our serotonin and natural melatonin, hormones that help guide our sleep pattern and protect against certain pathogenic effects. Copper fibers also provide protection against UV radiation. Copper is important for fertility, including nerve function in the brain, maturation of connective tissue, integrity of heart and bone structure , the immune response, and may have anti-carcinogenic properties.

Copper has healing properties involved in improving blood circulation, which increases energy, helps detoxification, reduce inflammation, metabolism and stabilization of the improvement of oxygen utilization Copper complexes have proved to be a powerful assistant to arthritic and rheumatic diseases. Copper also plays a vital role in the immune function.and bedsheets.