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Why Should Diabetic Patients Wear Copper Compression Socks?

For people who have diabetes, taking good care of their feet should be a priority. Let’s look at why this is so important and how copper compression socks can help.

The Link between Diabetes and Proper Foot Care

Proper foot care is one of the most important health concerns for diabetics, since their lower legs and feet are prone to a wide range of issues. Diabetic patients often develop neuropathy, losing their sense of pain and neglecting wounds, foot ulcers and other problems.

Remember, diabetic foot ulcers can lead to amputation if they’re not treated in time. Diabetics need to visit their podiatrist regularly, follow a proper foot care regimen and inspect their feet for sores/wounds daily. Doctors may also suggest the use of specialized footwear that reduces swelling and circulation problems.

What Causes Swelling or Poor Circulation in the Feet?

People with diabetes generally have circulation issues or oedema (swelling in the foot or ankle). Most often, this is caused by venous insufficiency, a condition where leg vein walls lose their elasticity and valves in the veins become weakened.

In a healthy person, veins keep blood moving in one direction — back toward the heart. The valves in leg veins ensure blood doesn’t flow backward and start pooling in the extremities. With weak or damaged valves, blood may flow in both directions because of the effect of gravity.

How Do Copper-Infused Compression Socks Help Diabetics?

When you wear compression socks, the graduated pressure gently straightens the walls of leg veins to help the valves work properly. It also improves circulation in the lower leg and foot, preventing oedema.


With compression socks made of copper-infused fabric, you get even more benefits:

1 Lower Risk of DVT — Copper promotes skin, connective tissue and red blood cell development, and with zinc, may also help maintain blood sugar levels. Copper compression socks improve both blood flow and skin health to reduce the risk of clotting and Deep Vein Thrombosis.


2 Anti-Microbial Defence — Diabetics are highly prone to foot infections, and copper is one of the most effective natural defences against infection-causing germs. It kills bacteria, fungi and viruses within hours of contact, keeping your feet safe and preventing odours as well.


3 Better Skin Elasticity — Copper helps with the production of elastin, collagen and other enzymes that make skin more flexible, strong and plump. Copper-infused fabric can help keep skin from becoming dry or brittle, which may cause it to tear or rupture even with regular movement.


4 Production of Skin Cells — Copper-infused socks promote faster healing of skin and fights inflammation as well. Along with the production of skin-friendly enzymes, copper is crucial to the stimulation of fibroblasts. These are the parts of your skin responsible for generating new skin cells.


5 Improved Heat Regulation — People with diabetes often complain of cold hands and feet, caused by poor blood circulation in the extremities. Copper compression socks provide great insulation, keeping feet and lower legs warm, and encouraging blood flow to the region.


Source: Medium.com:  May 2, 2017


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